Obukuro Nariaki To Release 2nd Album

Obukuro Nariaki to release 2nd album

Obukuro Nariaki's second album "Piercing" will be digitally released on December 18.


It's been about a year and eight months since Obukuro released his first album "Bunriha no Natsu" (April 2018). The new album will feature a total of 12 tracks that Obukuro produced while facing the various "losses" he experienced and following a lyrical worldview that was presented in his previous work. There is also participation by rappers Tohji and 5lack, and American artist Kenn Igbi whom he met through a music subscription service. 

The jacket cover, track list, and a teaser video for one of the included tracks "Gaia" can be seen below the cut. 

01. Night Out
02. Night Out 2
03. Turn Back
04. Bye
05. New Kids
06. In The End
07. Snug
08. Three Days Girl
09. Down The Line
10. Tohji's Track
11. Love The Past
12. Gaia


["Gaia" MV teaser]