Orange Range To Release First Album In 3 Years

ORANGE RANGE to release first album in 3 years

ORANGE RANGE will release their new album "ELEVEN PIECE" in Japan and Taiwan on August 29. 

It's been about three years since ORANGE RANGE released their last album "TEN" in August of 2015. The upcoming album will include 11 songs, such as the image song for NBA Basketball, "Hopping," and FC Ryukyu's official support song "Ryukyu Wind." 

The limited edition will come with a DVD containing their performance from 'Victor Rock Matsuri 2018' as well as a play pass code in which you can listen to their commentary from radio program 'Konya mo STAY UCHINANTUNE.'


01. Ryukyu Wind -ELEVEN PIECE ver.-
02. Sentimental
03. Destroy Rock and Roll
04. Hopping
05. Raccoon Paradise
06. Happy Life
07. Ookina Yume no Ki
08. Waji Waji feat.Petunia Rocks
09. Theme of KOZA
11. Girl/Boy Song feat.Soy Sauce


01. Chira Chira Rhythm
02. Shanghai Honey
03. SUSHI Tabetai feat.Soy Sauce
04. *~Asterisk~
05. Aoi Tori
06. Ikenai Taiyou
07. Kiri Kiri Mai