Orders Pouring In From All Over For Aomori Garlic - Flavored Soda

Orders pouring in from all over for Aomori garlic-flavored sodaIts creators thought it would cause a stink, but garlic soda has come up smelling like roses.
"I cannot believe a product we created for fun has become so popular," said Keiko Sato, an official at Takko Garlic Center here who came up with the strange idea.

The town of Takko is famous for its garlic, and the carbonated drink is flavored using the local specialty.

A total of 10,000 200-milliliter bottles of the drink, named “Jats! Taccola,” sold out in about a month.

The caramel-added beverage containing powdered garlic sells for 300 yen ($2.50) per bottle and boasts a subtle garlic taste. Takko Garlic Center, which develops products using garlic, had asked a beverage maker to produce the soda following Sato's flash of inspiration.

Its name is derived from “Taccola,” a hybrid of cola and the town's name, and “jats,” a word coined from the local dialect related to "surprise."

After the initial batch sold out, the town produced an additional 10,000 bottles and resumed sales in March. The product has gained popularity over the Internet, and orders have poured in from around the country. The demand is so high that sales at stores have been limited to 12 bottles per person.