Otsuka Ai's New Song 'dracaena' To Be Used In 'pikachin - Kit' Anime

Otsuka Ai's new song 'Dracaena' to be used in 'Pikachin-Kit' anime

Otsuka Ai's new song "Dracaena" has been picked up as the ending theme for anime 'Pochitto Hatsumei: Pikachin-Kit.'

"Dracaena" is a medium-tempo ballad with the message, "to cherish the bond and compassion that come from the repeated meetings and separations in life." The title "Dracaena" comes from a plant that is called the "tree of happiness," and reportedly, Otsuka grows this tree at home. 

You can hear "Dracaena" on "Pikachin-Kit" beginning its April 7 episode. On the same day, the "TV Anime Size Ver." of this song will be available for download and streaming.