'panda Express' Train Starts Service From This August Till 2019

'Panda express' train starts service from this August till 2019

OSAKA--The Kuroshio limited express offers more than just the bear necessities of a rail ride--the train connecting Kyoto, Osaka and southern Wakayama Prefecture is undergoing a panda-themed makeover.

The panda-faced express train started service on Aug. 5. JR West enlisted the Adventure World zoo in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, whose main attraction is the giant panda, to help with the revamp.

Headrest covers are also panda-themed, while illustrations of giraffes and lions from the zoo are drawn on the sides of the train cars and other spots.

There is only one Kuroshio express train in service, which will run until around autumn 2019. Service routes and operation times varies daily.

"Even if you can’t catch the train, we hope you come and see the real pandas and feel comforted," a JR West representative said.