Passenger Exhibiting Ebola - Like Symptoms At Haneda Airport Tests Negative

Passenger exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms at Haneda Airport tests negativeA passenger suspected of being infected with the Ebola virus after showing signs of a fever upon his arrival in Japan has tested negative for the disease, the health ministry said Oct. 28.

The man, a journalist in his 40s, arrived at Tokyo's Haneda Airport Oct. 27 after visiting Liberia, one of the West African countries ravaged by the unprecedented Ebola epidemic.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases tested his blood sample for the disease.

The man is currently hospitalized at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, a designated medical institution for the Ebola virus.

The health ministry said it had not confirmed that he had contact with patients infected with Ebola in Liberia.

Doctors at the center will monitor his conditions at the facility for about three more days, as some patients do not test positive for the virus immediately after exhibiting Ebola-related symptoms.

The man arrived at the airport around 4 p.m. on Oct. 27. He was transported to the National Center for Global Health and Medicine after he was found to be running a temperature of 37.8 degrees.

The man told authorities he took a flight to Japan via Belgium and Britain after staying in Liberia for about two months until Oct. 18.

Since Oct. 24, the health ministry has been checking all arrivals at Japanese airports who have visited Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Congo within the previous 21 days.