Pasta With Miso - Flavored Mackerel And Tomato Sauce

Pasta with miso-flavored mackerel and tomato sauceIf you have some canned food on hand in case of emergency, why not use some to whip up a nice meal? Cooking expert Megumi Fujii introduces a pasta dish using canned tomato and miso-flavored mackerel.

According to Fujii, the two ingredients go well together. Use more water to boil if you are making a larger amount of quick-cooking pasta or are using regular pasta. Because the pasta is cooked directly in the sauce, all you need is a frying pan.

"With the added flavor of the pasta, no extra seasoning is required," says Fujii. Serves two.


1 can of tomatoes (400 grams)

1 can (180 grams) of miso-flavored mackerel (saba-miso-ni)

100 grams quick-cooking pasta

1/2 tsp grated garlic

1 pod's worth of chopped dry chili pepper

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 cup water


Open can of tomatoes and mash. Set aside.

Add olive oil and grated garlic to frying pan and cook over medium heat. (Grated garlic gives more aroma when heated.) Once aroma rises, add chili pepper and stir-fry.

Add canned tomato. Turn up heat and bring to a boil while mixing. Reduce heat and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add water and mix. Add mackerel and break up meat to some extent.

When sauce comes to a boil again, add pasta and cook a little longer than package directions indicate over lower medium heat. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Canned food is also useful for boxed lunches. Rinse 360 ml of rice, add the usual amount of water, one can (80 grams) of tuna (either in oil or water) with liquid, 1 pickled plum, bit of salt and sake and cook. For a complete boxed lunch, serve with an egg roll and boiled vegetables.

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