Pencil Maker Makes A Point By Specializing In Hardwood Types

Pencil maker makes a point by specializing in hardwood typesGotanda Seisakusho Co. specializes in pencils made from different types of wood found throughout the world.
The Shinagawa Ward furniture maker first introduced the exclusive Jumoku Enpitsu in the 1990s to promote the charms of goods made of timber that are used as daily commodities.

Production soon came to a halt after it became too difficult to process different types of wood with varying levels of hardness.

The series was recently revived thanks to an encounter with an Aichi Prefecture-based artisan of wooden partitions, sliding doors and other traditional fixtures, who revealed an efficient way to work with various hardwoods.

The Jumoku Enpitsu is made from Japanese “hinoki” (cypress), “mizunara” (oak), rosewood and seven additional types of hardwood. The special pencils come with a mark showing where the wood came from across the world.

Gotanda Seisakusho’s main office and factory is located at 2-18-21 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

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