Perfume Wrap Up Their 1st Dome Tour

Perfume wrap up their 1st Dome tourPopular techno-pop unit Perfume held the final performance for their first dome tour "Perfume 4th Tour in DOME 'LEVEL3'" at the Tokyo Dome.

As the concert was held on Christmas day, the fans attended the concert wearing Santa costumes, Perfume cosplays, and even cosplays of music producer Nakata Yasutaka, which entertained the Perfume members. The girls also wore Santa costumes and made a circle around the venue throwing colorful balls to the audience.

The tickets for both venues at the Kyocera Dome Osaka and Tokyo Dome (2 days each) were sold out instantly. Looking back on the whole dome tour and the 160,000 people who attended, A-chan said, "Dome tours are amazing cause all the venues are domes, you know," which brought laughter to the audience. Afterwards, she started shedding tears, saying, "Thank you for spending this special day with Perfume."

Perfume performed a total of 20 songs mainly from their latest album "LEVEL3" (released in October) during the 2-hour-40-minute long live concert. The footage from this live will air on WOWOW on February 1 7:30 pm.
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