Pumpkin And Mayonnaise

Pumpkin and MayonnaiseTsuchida (Asami Usuda) lives with her boyfriend Seiichi (Taiga). He is an aspiring musician and she supports herself by working at a host bar without her boyfriend knowing. Meanwhile, Seiichi doesn't have a job and has been unable to write any new songs. Seiichi learns that Tsuchida slept with her customer Yasuhara (Ken Mitsuishi) and that she works at a host bar. He decides to get a job. At that time, Tsuchida runs into her ex-boyfriend Hagio (Joe Odagiri).

Based on the manga "Kabocha to Mayonezu" by Kiriko Nananan (published October, 1999 by Takarajimasha).

Release Date: November 11, 2017