Rie Miyazawa To Star In Daihachi Yoshida’s “kami No Tsuki” (paper Moon)

Rie Miyazawa to star in Daihachi Yoshida’s “Kami no Tsuki” (Paper Moon)Actress Rie Miyazawa will get her first starring film role in 7 years in Daihachi Yoshida’s Kami no Tsuki (lit. Paper Moon).

Miyazawa made her silver screen debut in Hiroshi Sugawara’s 1988 film Seven Days’ War. In 2001, she won the Best Actress award at the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival for her performance in Yonfan’s Peony Pavilion and in 2003 she won a Japan Academy Prize for Yoji Yamada’s The Twilight Samurai. However, in spite of being widely considered one of Japan’s top actresses, she hadn’t starred in a film since 2007’s The Invitation from Cinema Orion.

In the new film, she’ll play a woman named Rika Umezawa who works for a bank as a contract employee while living with her husband. In spite of receiving positive evaluations from her boss and customers alike for her courteousness and work ethic, she begins to feel a void in her life. Her husband seems to be losing interest in her and the two of them have been gradually drifting apart. Soon, she engages in an affair with a university student named Kota and begins embezzling money from the bank customers’ deposits she’s responsible for collecting. As she spends less time with her husband and more with Kota, her theft escalates rapidly in order to fund her trysts as well as her newfound addiction to shopping.