Robot Chef Mans The Griddle At Theme Park In Nagasaki

Robot chef mans the griddle at theme park in NagasakiA robot showed off its dexterity with spatulas at a theme park here on July 12, flipping tasty “okonomiyaki” (Japanese pancakes) over a hot stove and topping them off with sauce, mayonnaise and “aonori” (seaweed) in a grand flourish.

The android chef is part of the “Kingdom of Robots” attraction that will open at Huis Ten Bosch theme park on July 16.

The robot exhibit is a new installment of the theme park's Kingdom series, which has featured light shows, revue performances and other attractions.

The “Kingdom of Robots” will highlight the "Hen na Restaurant" (weird restaurant), where automatons will prepare okonomiyaki and serve ice cream to visitors.

“Roboto no yakata” (robot mansion) houses a shop and museum in which visitors can play with robots. A special projection of the popular giant robot anime series “Gundam” will be projected on three large screens. Various types of robots will be on display, with some available for purchase.

The popular “Hen na Hotel” (weird hotel), where guests are served by robots, opened at Huis Ten Bosch in July 2015.