Rock On : Top Music Games

Rock on : top music gamesThe big advances in games technology have let the music business devise games utilising controls shaped as microphones, guitars, dance mats and drum kits to sing, play and dance to top tunes. Here are the top music games you can find in the shops these days.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

This 2008 music rhythm game uses the same guitar and drum control idea as the original Guitar Hero, but adds a narrative where you play the Aerosmith tunes like Love in an Elevator in chronological order and follow their career. It goes from their very first show to the present day, and has four levels of difficulty, as well as several gaming modes.

The Beatles: Rock Band

This 2009 game – again a music rhythm one – will let you use the guitar control buttons to master their music. The superb graphics bring every stage of their career to life, especially if you play in ‘story’ mode, and 45 of their songs are included, such as Back in the USSR and A Hard Days Night.

Vinyl Countdown

A musical slot from online casino sites like Gaming Club, this has five reels with graphics of dance shoes, glitterballs, rockers and records on them, payouts varying from 300 coins to the 1000 max jackpot, and blasts of rock and roll music at key points in the play.


Karaoke is always popular and this 2008 game is about singing along, using one of two motion sensitive mike game controls. You score based on your pitching, rhythm and vibrato, and can play on your own or with other people.

Dance Dance Revolution

We’ve covered singing and playing and betting, but this game deals with dancing. The game was created by Japanese developers Konami and became massively popular in the country. The second edition features dancefloor faves like Word Up and scoring based on how accurately you replicate the moves on the screen. There are several game modes, including Lesson mode, for furthering technique, and Workout mode, for getting fit.

These games make any party go with a swing, because they ensure that everyone present has a chance to have a go at the gaming, regardless of musical taste or skill level.