Sheena Ringo's New Song To Be Used In Shibasaki Kou's Starring Drama

Sheena Ringo's new song to be used in Shibasaki Kou's starring dramaSheena Ringo will release a new single, titled "Shijou no Jinsei", on February 25. The title track has been picked up as the theme song for NTV's upcoming drama 'Maru Maru Tsuma', which will premiere on January 14.

'Maru Maru Tsuma' is a new drama brought to you by scriptwriter Yukawa Kazuhiko and the team of drama 'Kaseifu no Mita'. The protagonist 'Hikari' will be played by Shibasaki Kou and her husband, popular news reporter 'Kubota Masazumi', by Higashiyama Noriyuki. It's said to be a mysterious drama that portrays the relationship between husband and wife.

Sheena received an offer from the drama's staff and wrote her new song "Shijou no Jinsei". Regarding the song's production process, the singer revealed, "While at work, I imagined Shibasaki Kou-san's character Hikari holding an apple the entire time." She continued to express, "Thank you for allowing me to participate in such a wonderful work. I hope that this song will quietly nestle and blend in."

"Shijou no Jinsei" will be available in Chaku-Uta form on the drama's premiere date, January 14.