Shinoda Mariko Visits Her 'ricori' Shop In Fukuoka

Shinoda Mariko visits her 'ricori' shop in FukuokaFormer AKB48 member Shinoda Mariko held a shop visit event for her fashion brand 'ricori' in Fukuoka.

It's been about a month and a half since Shinoda graduated from AKB48. Returning to her hometown as a designer, she said, "It was a dream of mine to open a store in my hometown, so I'm very happy. It was also my dream to have my own brand, so I'm glad it came true."

The host country for the 2020 Olympics will be decided on the 8th. In light of this, Shinoda was asked, "What if you are requested to make uniforms for the Olympics?" She replied, "It would make me happy if ricori was given the opportunity for a collaboration."

After graduating from AKB48, Shinoda had thought that she would only be involved in fashion. "Some time has passed and I've received some offers. Recently, I've been challenging myself to acting, so I will be doing various things," she revealed, "I'm at a stage where I can do various things, so I decided to do them."