Shredded Daikon

Shredded Daikon RecipeTsuma, or edible garnishes, are an essential component of sashimi. The colors and flavors are carefully chosen to complement each dish. Garnishes sush as ugo (salted seaweed), shredded daikon, and shiso, an aromatic leaf from the mint family, are always used in small amounts.

Shredded daikon, one of the most popular garnishes, is traditionally prepared with a vegetable-carving knife. A mandoline can also be used. The cutting technique below can be used for many vegetables.


1. Using a vegetable-carving knife or paring knife, peel a section of daikon. Alternatively, use a peeler.
2. Placing knife at a right angle to work surface, cut daikon into very thin slices.
3. Separate slices and place in bowl of water, or refrigerate in water for 15 minutes. Drain well before using.