Sixtones' Debut Song Will Be Produced By Yoshiki

SixTONES' debut song will be produced by YOSHIKI

As reported earlier, SixTONES will be making their CD debut on January 22. It's been revealed that their debut song (currently untitled) will be produced by X JAPAN's YOSHIKI. 

This announcement was made on November 19 during SixTONES' one-man live at Tokyo International Forum. It will be YOSHIKI's first time providing a song for a Johnny's artist. 

Takizawa Hideaki, producer of SixTONES, made the offer to YOSHIKI earlier in spring. YOSHIKI accepted the offer as he emphasized with Takizawa's goals and dreams for SixTONES, which include being active overseas. According to YOSHIKI, the debut song "intentionally incorporates a 'YOSHIKI melody'.

Source: natalie