Ske48 Kenkyuusei Ogino Risa And Sasaki Yuka Announce Their Graduation

SKE48 Kenkyuusei Ogino Risa and Sasaki Yuka announce their graduationSKE48 Kenkyuusei Ogino Risa and Sasaki Yuka have announced their graduation from the group.
This was announced on February 4 during their live event 'Upcoming Stage ~Winter~' at SKE48 Theater.
A comment by Ogino and Sasaki have also been posted onto the group's official website. Regarding the graduation, Ogino stated, "My graduation is a positive graduation to step toward my dream." She continued, "From before, I've said that I want to become a person who can push other people's back, but from now on, it would make me happy if everyone would push mine."

Meanwhile, Sasaki said, "I found a new dream. From now on, I want to do my best toward that dream. I will continue to do my best so that fans will be glad to have supported me when my dream comes true someday."

Ogino's last day in SKE48 will be on March 31, and Sasaki's on February 28.