Suda Masaki To Release Liquidroom Live On Blu - Ray And Dvd

Suda Masaki to release LIQUIDROOM live on Blu-ray and DVD

Suda Masaki's live Blu-ray / DVD 'SUDA MASAKI LIVE@LIQUIDROOM 2018.11.15' will be released on March 6. 

Suda's first live Blu-ray / DVD will feature footage from his one-man live 'SUDA MASAKI LIVE@LIQUIDROOM' held last November at LIQUIDROOM Ebisu. It will include the entire performance including his popular song "Sayonara Elegy," his debut number "Mitakotomonai Keshiki," and his late single "Long Hope Philia." 

As a privilege, those who purchase the Blu-ray or DVD at CD shops will receive a replica of the backstage pass that was used at 'SUDA MASAKI LIVE@LIQUIDROOM.'