Suga Plans 50 Luxury Hotels To Increase Tourism Around Japan

Suga plans 50 luxury hotels to increase tourism around Japan

MASHIKI, Kumamoto Prefecture--The government will help to build around 50 new luxury hotels across the nation to further attract visitors from overseas, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said here.

The plan will make use of a new loan program for private-sector companies that will be included in a proposed economic package, as well as other measures, he said.

"We will aim to build around 50 world-class hotels across Japan," Suga told reporters on Dec. 7 after inspecting areas devastated by the twin earthquakes in April 2016.

Suga also indicated the government plans to increase the size and speed of gondolas to make around 10 Japanese ski resorts more globally competitive.

The government has set goals of bringing 40 million foreign visitors to Japan in 2020 and 60 million visitors in 2030.

Suga has spearheaded the government’s tourism policy.

In 2013, the number of foreign tourists topped 10 million and continued climbing to 31.19 million in 2018.