Sulfur Cosmos And Mount Fuji Offer Fall Photo Op In Yamanashi

Sulfur cosmos and Mount Fuji offer fall photo op in Yamanashi

YAMANAKAKO, Yamanashi Prefecture--About 5 million sulfur cosmos are peaking at a flower park here, offering a perfect photo opportunity for a sea of breathtaking flowers in fall-like colors and Mount Fuji set against wisps of clouds.

Yuri Yoshimoto, a company employee, visited Yamanakako Hananomiyako Koen on Sept. 30 to take pictures of the striking vista and post them on her Instagram account.

"The scenery was so stunning that I uploaded images right away and recommended to my friends that they visit the park," said Yoshimoto, 20, who came from Kikugawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, along with a friend.

The golden cosmos are expected to remain at their best through the middle of October, according to park custodians.