Super Beaver Drummer Fujiwara Hiroaki Falls Ill With Coronavirus

SUPER BEAVER drummer Fujiwara Hiroaki falls ill with coronavirus

It's been reported that SUPER BEAVER drummer Fujiwara "31-sai" Hiroaki has fallen ill with the novel coronavirus. 

On April 1st, Fujiwara developed a fever and rested at home after consulting a health center. He received the PCR test on the 3rd, and the results came back positive on the 6th.  While his health showing improvement, he is still recuperating at home. Reportedly, fellow member Uesugi Kenta (B) is also currently in poor health and has been ordered to stay at home from the health center. 

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, SUPER BEAVER has either postponed or cancelled all of their concerts scheduled after March 4. On the group's official website, it says, "We are sorry to cause worry to our supporters and other persons concerned.