Tampopo's Shiratori Kumiko Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Tampopo's Shiratori Kumiko diagnosed with coronavirus

Comedian duo Tampopo's Shiratori Kumiko has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. 

According to an announcement by her agency, Shiratori had an abnormal sense of smell on March 29th, but didn't think anything of it as she has allergic rhinitis. However, on April 3rd, she received news from one of her close friends that they tested positive for coronavirus. As such, she reevaluated her symptoms and realized that she also had a fever. Since then, she has been staying at home and has been in contact with a health care center. 

On the 7th, the results of her PCR test came back positive. Currently, she does not have a fever or cough, and her sense of smell has returned to normal. She is at home while receiving guidance from a health care center.