Tiger's Thermos Bottles Provide The Feeling Of Japanese Crafts

Tiger's thermos bottles provide the feeling of Japanese crafts

With tourists from abroad in mind, Tiger Corp. is offering stainless steel thermos bottles featuring patterns based on traditional Japanese crafts, including "kiriko" cut glass, kimono robes and tatami straw mats.

The thermoses are sold at duty-free counters at department stores and mass retailers and elsewhere.

The domestic thermos market expanded about threefold over the 10 years until 2015, but it shrank in 2016. Tiger intends to increase sales with the new patterns.

The vacuum flask maker began developing the bottles about two years ago, and devised ways to apply paint to the surface to achieve the uneven texture of the patterns.

The bottles are wrapped in "furoshiki" cloth and placed in a box made of paulownia tree wood.

Annual production of the 480-milliliter bottle is limited to 30,000 units. The retail price is expected to be 10,000 yen ($89), excluding tax.