Tohoku's 'city Of Trees' Has Rich Flavor Of Old Time Japan

Tohoku's 'City of Trees' has rich flavor of old time JapanSendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, is known as “Mori no Miyako” (City of the Trees) because of its tree-lined streets.

Four centuries ago, Date Masamune, a feudal lord who ruled the Sendai domain in northeastern Japan, founded Sendai Castle. Ever since, Sendai has continued to prosper as the largest city in the Tohoku region.

Sendai is famous for the spectacular Sendai Tanabata Festival held each August. As many as 2 million visitors pour into the city decorated with colorful streamers during the event.

With good transportation connections—it is only 90 minutes by the Tohoku Shinkansen Line from Tokyo—Sendai makes the perfect destination for tourists to get a taste of old Japan.

For this installment of Japan Travel, we invite our readers to join us as we explore the scenic sights and places of historic interest in and around Sendai. We will take side trips, including a dip in the Akiu Onsen hot springs and a visit to the beautiful Matsushima Bay, which is considered one of the most scenic sights in Japan.