Tokyo Monorail Plans Quicker Link To Haneda Airport

Tokyo Monorail plans quicker link to Haneda AirportTokyo Monorail Co. is considering extending its line from Monorail Hamamatsucho Station to JR Tokyo Station to give travelers faster and more convenient access to Haneda Airport.

No opening date has been set as the project is still in the planning stages. Construction work for the three-kilometer extension will take 10 years to complete and cost about 109.5 billion yen ($1.05 billion).

The company said it will consult with the central and Tokyo metropolitan governments on shares of construction costs for the project.

Travel time from the proposed new terminal station in JR Tokyo Station to the airport will be shortened by about six minutes, as it renders the transfer at Hamamatsucho Station unnecessary, according to the Minato Ward-based company.

Monorails departing from the new station will arrive at the airport’s International Terminal Station in 18 minutes, Terminal 1 Station in 21 minutes and Terminal 2 Station in 23 minutes, Tokyo Monorail added.

The new line will increase ridership from about 50,000 passengers a day currently to an estimated 84,000 passengers a day.

There are no plans to construct another station between Hamamatsucho Station and the new station, the company said.