Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Unveil Pv For Collaboration Song With Narashino High School Brass Band

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra unveil PV for collaboration song with Narashino High School Brass Band

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has unveiled the PV for "Kaze no Profile feat. Narashino High School Brass Band", which is the lead track off of their new album "Tsugihagi Colorful" (November 20 release). 

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra wanted to collaborate with the brass band club from Narashino High School when they heard that they played "Paradise Has No Border" many times to cheer on their school during the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament this spring. The PV was shot inside of the school after school with 201 members of the brass band club. Director Tanabe Hidenobu commented, "As the Ska Para members, everyone from the brass band club, the teachers and staff came together, we were able to create a very satisfying music video.