Traditional 'rokaku' Building Set Up For Art Fest In Ueno Park

Traditional 'rokaku' building set up for art fest in Ueno Park

A traditional "rokaku" lofty, multistory building has emerged from a pond at Ueno Park in Tokyo, offering visitors a nighttime illuminated spectacle and a bit of history.

Shinji Omaki, a professor of contemporary art at the Tokyo University of the Arts, built the structure, which imitates the gate of Kaneiji temple depicted in "ukiyo-e" woodblock prints.

The 14-meter-tall installation is intended for the Tokyo Suki Fes 2017, an art festival that started on Nov. 10 and will end Nov. 19. The building is lit up at night in the pond featuring fountains.

Omaki’s idea was based on the history of the park, which used to be the compound of the temple.

"I want people to think about the history of an entity that vanished in the (passage of) time," Omaki said.