Usj Set To Stage Samurai Era Spectacle Using Osaka Castle

USJ set to stage samurai era spectacle using Osaka CastleUniversal Studios Japan is set to hold its first outdoor spectacular away from the theme park here with a dazzling show about the siege of Osaka Castle in the 17th century.
USJ said the event, titled “Sengoku the Real at Osaka Castle,” will involve images beamed on to the walls of Osaka Castle as well as fireworks, music and live performances. It will run from December through March next year.

It will be held in the stunning Nishinomaru Garden of Osaka Castle Park in Chuo Ward under the theme of “Osaka no Jin” (Siege of Osaka), a series of battles waged from 1614 to 1615 in which the Tokugawa Shogunate destroyed the Toyotomi clan holed up in Osaka Castle.

The fighting effectively put an end to the medieval Sengoku period (Warring states period).

Stalls themed on the Sengoku period will be also set up in the garden.

The show is scheduled to be held after sunset from Dec. 16 through March 12, except for some days. Admission will range from 2,480 yen to 3,480 yen ($24.80 to $34.80). Tickets will be sold at convenience stores and on websites from noon on Oct. 7.