Utada Hikaru's Radio Program To Make A Comeback

Utada Hikaru's radio program to make a comeback

To commemorate her 20th anniversary, Utada Hikaru's radio program 'Utada Hikaru no TRES BIEN! BOHEMIAN!' will be making a special comeback. It will air on five JFL radio stations FM802, FM NORTH WAVE, J-WAVE, ZIP-FM, and CROSS FM.

'Utada Hikaru no TRES BIEN! BOHEMIAN!' is a program that aired for one year from October of 1999 to September of 2000. For the 20th anniversary special program, titled 'Utada Hikaru no TRES BIEN! BOHEMIAN! SPECIAL,' they are collecting messages from their fans via its special website. 

The air date and time will be announced later.

Source: natalie