Wedding Reception

Traditional Japanese wedding receptionThe usual procedures in traditional Japanese wedding receptions have a go-between introduce the bridegroom, bride and their family backgrounds. A Japanese wedding reception is a colorful affair, particularly with young friends of the bride attending in beautiful "Kimono".

Here the married sister of the bride is wearing a tomesode kimono.
The tomesode is a black formal kimono and is combined with a multi-color design on the skirt.

The traditional costume as worn by the bride is perhaps the highlight in the reception.

Here the bride is wearing a  "Tsuno Kakushi" hood. This is worn to cover the brides "horns", thus showing her obedience to her new husband. You can also see the big "Kanzashi" ornaments in the bride's hair.

The bride is wearing a  gorgeous white "Uchikake" gown, the wedding kimono.  These are also known as the "Shiromuku". Below you can see a close up of the "Shiromuku" showing the great detail in patterns woven into the material. This is an example from Oriental Artifacts extensive range of kimono.