Wedding Trousseau Of Edo Period Princess In Plain View

Wedding trousseau of Edo Period princess in plain view A show including the wedding trousseau of Chiyohime, a girl of the third shogun of the Edo Period (1603-1867), is being held at the Tokugawa Art Museum here.
Titled "Hatsune furniture: the marriage trousseau of Tokugawa Chiyohime," the show incorporates 70 things assigned national fortunes and also a few pieces delegated essential social properties.

The occasion denote the 80th commemoration of the historical center, arranged in the city's Higashi Ward, and goes through May 31.

Chiyohime, the first-conceived girl of the third shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, was only 2 years of age when she was hitched to Mitsutomo, the second-era ruler of the Owari Tokugawa gang.

Among the displays are furniture done in "makie" decorated veneer, for example, "kaioke" holders, dressers and decorative racks. Likewise on perspective are colored and woven things and also displays produced using gold and silver.

"We need guests to see a percentage of the best works of art in makie history," said exhibition hall keeper Daisuke Usuda.