Yoshiki To Do A Live Broadcast On Hide's Death Anniversary

YOSHIKI to do a live broadcast on hide's death anniversary

YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) will hold a live broadcast on May 2 from 7:00 pm JST on Nico Nico Namahousou. 

May 2 is the death anniversary of fellow X JAPAN member hide who died back in 1998. YOSHIKI will be broadcasting himself live from his home in Los Angeles. As he will be handling things on his own, he warned, "There's a possibility that the live stream will not be successful."

YOSHIKI has been putting in all his efforts in order to help curb the spread of the new coronavirus from providing English lessons on his blog to donating money to the COVID-19 relief fund. He commented, "To our fans, I know it's hard, but please refrain from visiting his grave this year."

URL: https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv325506350

Source: natalie