Youtube, Toei Team Up To Promote Samurai Films

YouTube, Toei team up to promote samurai filmsYouTube has teamed up with a Japanese film company to help aspiring video artists make samurai dramas.
Executives at Google, YouTube's owner, and Toei Company announced the new service. Toei is well known for its films on the samurai theme.

YouTube has built a special set at its Tokyo studio that will be available for shooting samurai videos for about 2 months. Video makers can use the set for free. Toei specialists will be on hand to give advice on costumes and props.

Toei officials say they will offer a similar service at their Uzumasa studio in Kyoto, western Japan.

They say they hope to boost knowledge of Japanese historical dramas overseas, especially among young people.

YouTube officials say the new content will help them increase users.