10 - Day Break Sets Records At Narita

10-day break sets records at Narita

Record numbers of travelers came through Narita Airport during the 10-day holiday period that began late April.

Officials at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau say more than 1.09 million people used the airport for international flights between April 26 and May 6, a 13.9% increase from the same period last year.

The officials say the number of foreigners decreased by 6.5%, while Japanese soared by 36.7%.

Departures peaked on April 28, and arrivals peaked on May 5. Bureau officials say total arrivals and departures surpassed 60,000 on both days, making them the busiest since the airport opened in 1978.

The most popular destinations were in the US, including Hawaii and Guam. China was second, followed by South Korea. Flights to Europe were also popular.

Bureau officials say the overall number of people who used the airport increased during the 10-day holiday period, which is longer than in typical years.
They suggested the extension motivated people to travel.