10 - Year - Old Go Pro Becomes Youngest To Win Match

10-year-old Go pro becomes youngest to win match

A 10-year-old Japanese girl has become the youngest professional player ever to win a match in an official "Go" tournament.

Sumire Nakamura became the youngest professional player of the board game Go in April, shortly after her 10th birthday.

Her victory came in her second official match. She beat 67-year-old veteran Chieko Tanaka at a tournament in Osaka on Monday.

Nakamura had to use a stool to rest her feet on because the chair she sat in was too high for her.

She started taking charge in the middle of the match, and finally forced her opponent to concede after the 146th move.

Nakamura is 16 months younger than the previous record-holder, Rina Fujisawa, who won at the age of 11 years and eight months in 2010.

Nakamura said in an interview that she was glad to get her first victory and to set a new record.

Her opponent said Nakamura was a good and cool-headed player. She said she hopes Nakamura works hard and becomes a top player in Japan.