12 - Year - Old Boy's Treasure Turns Out To Be 2,000 - Year - Old Bronze Mirror Fragment

12-year-old boy's treasure turns out to be 2,000-year-old bronze mirror fragmentA piece of metal that was picked up by an elementary school boy at a local park four years ago has turned out to be a part of 2,000-year-old bronze mirror designated by the Japanese government as an important cultural property.

Shogo Sano, 12, spotted a small, patterned piece of metal when he was playing with his friends at a park near Nishimoto Mezuka Tomb in Kobe's Nada Ward in January 2009. He took it home, secured it in a plastic pouch and wondered for four years where the metal piece had come from.

The sixth-grade student at Nishinada Elementary School brought his treasure to school in May this year, as he thought it looked like part of a bronze mirror he had learned about in a social studies class. An analysis conducted by the Kobe Municipal Board of Education revealed that the metal piece -- measuring 3.4 centimeters by 5.1 centimeters, and 1 millimeter thick -- was in fact a part of a bronze mirror from the late first century.