2020 Paralympic Marathon To Stay In Tokyo

2020 Paralympic marathon to stay in Tokyo

The organizer of the 2020 Tokyo Games and the International Paralympic Committee has agreed to hold the Paralympic marathon as planned in Tokyo.

For the Olympic marathons and race walks, a plan is being discussed to move them to Japan's northern city of Sapporo to avoid the scorching summer heat.

The Games' organizing committee president Yoshiro Mori and IPC President Andrew Parsons met in Tokyo on Thursday to discuss the Paralympic marathon.

The two agreed to hold the event in Tokyo in September as scheduled. They pointed out the differences in temperature and other conditions in September compared to August, which is the month the Olympic marathons and race walks were initially planned.

They also noted that the race will start at 6:30 a.m., earlier than usual.

After the meeting, Parsons said, "We don't have any plans to move the Paralympic Marathon from Tokyo. The wellbeing of the athletes is our top priority. But the preliminary data show that the Paralympic period is much cooler than the Olympic period."

Mori said he wants to gladly accept the IPC's clear judgment that it is not considering moving the race to another place.

Meanwhile, officials from the IOC, Tokyo Metropolis and the Tokyo Organizing Committee had a working-level discussion on Thursday in Tokyo on the plan to move the Olympic marathon and the race walk to Sapporo.

It is believed that the meeting took up issues raised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, including the reasons for the judgment and who will shoulder the cost.

Top level officials from the IOC, Tokyo Metropolis, the Tokyo Organising Committee, and the central government are to meet on Friday.