2020 Tokyo Games Costs To Be Capped At $12 Bil.

2020 Tokyo Games costs to be capped at $12 bil.

Officials of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games say that the overall budget for the 2020 Games will not exceed 12 billion dollars. The amount was suggested in December last year.

The committee is now reviewing the expenses that will be shared with the Tokyo metropolitan government and the central government.

Organising committee president Yoshiro Mori, after meeting officials from the International Olympic Committee, said that as the plan for the 2020 games progresses, they are facing the need for new budgets, but he also said that they are trying to slash costs in coordination with the IOC.

Mori said they will continue to make adjustments so that the overall budget will not go over the previously estimated 12 billion dollars.

Sources say the costs could rise, especially for anti-heat measures and in the fields of transportation and technology.

But they also say that efforts are being made to cut costs in every possible way such as shortening leasing periods of facilities.

The organising committee will release the revised overall budget for the 2020 Summer Games on December 21st.