24 Dead In Floods In Kumamoto Prefecture

24 dead in floods in Kumamoto Prefecture

The death toll from floods and landslides caused by heavy rain in Kumamoto Prefecture, southern Japan, has reached 24. Officials say another 16 people have no vital signs and 12 are missing.

The record rain on Saturday inundated many residential areas.

Two rivers have overflowed their banks at 11 locations.

The city of Hitoyoshi confirmed the deaths of nine people, and nine others died in Ashikita Town.

One died in Tsunagi Town, while two other deaths were reported in Kuma Village. The deaths of three people were confirmed in Yatsushiro City.

About 50 people were stranded at a nursing home in a flooded area of the village of Kuma. Fourteen of them were found without vital signs.

Authorities say Self-Defense Forces members worked overnight to transfer some elderly residents from the facility to a hospital.

More than 10 districts in the prefecture have been cut off by floods and landslides. Officials say they are working to quickly end the isolation of the residents.