2nd Anniversary Of Mass Killing Of Disabled

2nd anniversary of mass killing of disabled

Thursday marks 2 years since a former care home employee in Japan went on a killing spree targeting people with disabilities.

19 people were killed and 27 others wounded at a facility for the intellectually handicapped in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo.

28-year old Satoshi Uematsu, who has been indicted on charges of murder, said he wanted to kill people who cannot communicate with others.

He is currently undergoing a psychiatric examination. The starting date of a possible trial remains unknown.

A magazine publisher has printed the alleged murderer's discriminatory claims against people with disabilities.

The care facility is now being demolished. More than 100 people staying there have been temporarily moved to another facility within the prefecture until a new building goes up.

It is up to them to decide whether they want to live at the new facility or be relocated elsewhere.

Families of the victims and workers at the facility plan to visit the site to offer their prayers at an altar.