30th Pacific Music Festival Underway In Hokkaido

30th Pacific Music Festival underway in Hokkaido

An international educational music festival, co-founded by the late conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein, has opened in Sapporo, in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido.

Some 100 young musicians from 26 countries and regions performed in Saturday's opening concert of the 30th Pacific Music Festival. The program featured Bernstein's Candide Overture and Haydn's Concerto for Two Horns.

About 3,900 people attended the concert. A woman who came with her family said she enjoyed the outdoor festival, and she hopes the performance by young artists will encourage her children to have big dreams.

The annual music festival has been registered on the Hokkaido Heritage list, which aims to hand down the history and culture of the prefecture to future generations.

The festival will continue through August 2.