340,000 Still Without Power 2 Days After Typhoon

340,000 still without power 2 days after typhoon

More than 340,000 households in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo are still without power, days after Typhoon Faxai hit the area. Tokyo Electric Power Company says it will take at least until Friday to fully restore electricity in the prefecture.

Workers are busy replacing toppled power poles.

A woman in her 80s was taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.

People are also having trouble getting a phone signal. The mayor of Kimitsu City described the situation.

Hiroko Ishii says the damage is tantamount to an earthquake. She says it's a really critical situation for them.

Continuing hot weather is exacerbating things as people can't use air conditioners and have no running water.

Two have died from heatstroke in Chiba Prefecture.

TEPCO officials detailed the power situation to reporters. Kazuyuki Shiokawa said, "We expect to restore power on Thursday in Chiba City and the surrounding areas. But we will need at least two more days for other areas including Narita City and Kisarazu City."

People have been lining up to get drinking water. A resident said, "I'm so exhausted. I want to take a bath."

More support is needed in many places.