3,800 Landslides Confirmed Near Hokkaido Epicenter

3,800 landslides confirmed near Hokkaido epicenter

A survey firm says about 3,800 landslides have been confirmed near the epicenter of a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that shook Hokkaido, northern Japan, on Thursday of last week. 41 people died, most of them in massive landslides.

Pasco Corporation analyzed a photographic image of the quake-hit area taken by a French satellite on Tuesday, 5 days after the quake. The image covered an 80-by-90 kilometer area.

The landslides were concentrated in Atsuma Town, which is located northwest of the epicenter. Most took place within a 20-kilometer circle.

The firm says that, in the imaged area, most of the slopes of mountains slipped down, leaving only ridges.