4 Found Dead In Iwate Ice Fishing Accident

4 found dead in Iwate ice fishing accidentThe bodies of four men who went missing after going ice fishing in the northeastern prefecture of Iwate were found Tuesday in a pond, local police said.
The four, all confirmed dead, have been identified as residents of Oshu, Iwate, the police said. Police found a crack in the ice covering the pond and ice fishing equipment nearby, including a tool to drill holes in the ice. Three vehicles were also parked near the site.

The four men have been identified as Toshio Sato, 71, Yuichi Takahashi, 73, Yasushi Sato, 73, and Manji Chiba, 88.

A family member of one of the men reported to the police Monday night that the man could not be reached after going ice fishing for Japanese smelt.

The ice covering the pond was around 5 centimeters thick, according to the police. The pond, surrounded by rice fields and forest, is a deserted place and not known by local people to be a place good for fishing, a nearby resident said.