5 Ospreys To Be Deployed At Us Yokota Base

5 Ospreys to be deployed at US Yokota base

The US Air Force will deploy 5 Osprey transport aircraft at Yokota Air Base in the suburbs of Tokyo this October. The move will mark the first deployment of the aircraft on the mainland of Japan.

The Japanese government said on Wednesday that it was briefed by the US military about the planned deployment of 5 Air Force CV-22 Ospreys at Yokota on October 1st.

In April this year, the US military announced moving forward the deployment plan by more than one year to this summer. The Ospreys have been seen stopping at the base since then.

The US military plans to add 5 more Ospreys in stages to complete the deployment of 10 Ospreys by around 2024.

The aircraft will be used to transport special force personnel. They are equipped with night vision devices to enable troops to see terrain clearly in the dark.

Japan's Defense Ministry declined to give details about the deployment because it involves military classified information. But it welcomed the deployment, noting that the aircraft will allow quick deployment of US special force personnel in the case of emergencies and help boost deterrence.

The ministry added that it will fully provide local residents with necessary information to alleviate concern over the aircraft's safety.