6 Elderly Tenants Dead At A Nursing Home

6 elderly tenants dead at a nursing home

Authorities in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, are investigating a senior citizens' home where 6 elderly tenants have died from last month.

Last week, authorities inspected the facility in Kanoya city for possible management problems related to the deaths.

Eight members of the nursing staff quit the facility in August and September of this year.

The head of the facility and a doctor with the facility's parent company explained in a news conference on Wednesday that the 6 who died were women aged 85 to 97.
They said their causes of death included kidney failure and swallowing problems.

The nursing care providers who left were reportedly unhappy with their pay and working conditions. The facility head and part-timer care givers are now apparently filling in for them.

Facility officials admitted they had not been able to provide adequate care, but stressed there were no medical problems because a doctor and nurse were always on hand.