7 Other Nations May Be Invited To Ise - Shima Summit

7 other nations may be invited to Ise-shima summitJapan is considering inviting the leaders of 7 other countries to an expanded meeting of the G7 summit scheduled for next month in central Japan.

Recent annual G7 summits have held expanded meetings and invited leaders of countries relevant to the agenda to attend.

The Japanese government plans to focus on challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region at this year's summit. It plans to invite leaders from countries mainly in the region to the expanded meeting, which will be held under the theme of development.

The 7 countries whose leaders are likely to be invited include 3 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations: Laos, Indonesia and Vietnam. Laos currently chairs the ASEAN.

Chad, which chairs the African Union, as well as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea, are also likely to be selected.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other heads of relevant international organizations may also attend.