90 - Year - Old Motorist Runs Down Pedestrians

90-year-old motorist runs down pedestrians

Police have arrested a 90-year-old motorist who ran down pedestrians in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, on Monday. One person was killed and 3 injured.

The driver, Kumiko Saito, is suspected of negligent driving resulting in death and injury.

Witnesses said the pedestrians had the green light.

Saito has been quoted as telling investigators that she knew her light was red, but thought she could make it through the intersection ahead of the pedestrians.

She reportedly said she became confused when she noticed the people crossing the street, and turned the steering wheel to the left, toward the sidewalk.

Saito's son told NHK that his mother drives about once a week to see her doctor, and that she had been involved in some minor, non-injury accidents over the past few years.

He said they had talked about her giving up her license, and that she told him she would no longer renew it. He said he should have pressed her harder to give up driving.

Saito passed a cognitive function test given to drivers 75 and older when she renewed her license in March.