90 - Year - Old Tram Makes Final Run In Nagasaki

90-year-old tram makes final run in Nagasaki

Rail enthusiasts have gathered in the city of Nagasaki to bid farewell to a tram that has been in service for more than 90 years.

"Number 151" made its first run in 1925 in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. It later operated in the resort area of Hakone before moving to Nagasaki in 1957. The tram ended commercial operations in 1982, but has been brought out of retirement on special occasions.

On Saturday at 10 AM, 30 passengers were on board as it set out from the Urakami Tram Depot on one of its final runs.

A man from Nagasaki said he is sad to see the tram retire, but he created a good memory today with his child.

The tram will retire for good on Saturday afternoon, after which it will be dismantled.